Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Curse is broken!!!

It's about damn time!! I thought we would never beat a division rival. I'm glad we punched herm edwards and the chiefs in the mouth in their home stadium. I can't believe they challenged that spot on the ball, lost the challenge and a time out then went for it on 4th and 1. Bringing back memories of when we used to stomp herm edwards when he was coaching the jets in the Gannon days!!

For all you doubters out there, Janikowski is a stud. That 55 yarder he hit would have been good from 65. The only field goal he has missed since his horrible start (which were all 50+ or long tries from the dirt) was a 64 yarder that damn near went in. Huggybear is also a stud. He's starting to remind me of Charlie Garner, quick to the whole and powerful even though he is not huge. I still think they should have let go of Rhodes and activated Bush to see what we have in him. I think Kiffin should sit down and talk w/Jordan and put it to him straight-Fargas should be the featured back and bring in Jordan in relief. Kind of like we used to use Wheatley and Garner.

I know that we played the chiefs and they are not all that great, but damn does it feel good to win!! Fargas looked good, Culpepper looked good, Jerry Porter was awesome-he took some wicked hits . Some stats:

Culpepper 15-22 for 170 yds
Fargas- 22 carries for 139 yds (6.32 yds/carry)
Porter- 3 receptions for 75 yds.
Janikowski- 2 field goals 25yds/55yds

Our run defense still looks like crap-this is the seventh game this season we have allowed a runner to gain over one hundred yards. Let's see our defense resurrects careers-ron dayne and also launches them w/allowing rookies to run for 100+. Something tells me this is not just personnel but is something that can be helped schematically!! I don't know, with this win we may not get to see J Russ next week. Why would Kiffin start Russell over Culpepper now w/another win under his belt. Would you bench the only QB to win you a game? Enjoy this Raider Nation-this is by far the best game that we have played in the last 2 seasons!! Hopefully we can manage a few more wins this season so we have something to look forward to next season!!


Rodrigo said...

You said it Chep, damn it feels good to not only win but to finally win a game in the division! That is all I had asked for this season and that is good enough for me in this failed season.

Josh and I spoke during the game that any running back in the NFL probably drools over the prospect of playing against the Raiders. They make any running back look like a Pro-Bowl Stud.

It's weird though that the Niners won on the same day as the Raiders, and those damn Patriots find a way to win once again!

insomniakz said...

It cracks me up when you guys say "Stud", hee hee..