Monday, December 3, 2007


Ok so we were at the game yesterday and I gotta say, that was the best game I've been to and the best the Raiders have played in a lonnnnngggg time!! When we took pocession of the ball for the first time McCown was greeted w/boos. Then what does he do-he throws a touchdown pass to the BIG MAN-Tim Dwight!! Man just what the Dr. ordered. The place went nuts for a while-intil Denver scored. McCown kept playing well and making sound decisions-whic he has never done as a Raider.

We were seated on the away side. I thought I was seeing things. I look across the field and see #2 loosening up. I whispered-"He's warming up". Nobody had to ask who "He" was. The whole field started mumbling. Then he throws on his helmet and all hell breaks loose. The Colisseum went nuts. I haven't heard it that loud in there ever besides when they won their first playoff game in forever a few years ago.

JRuss looked good!! He looked a little nervous, mishandling a couple of snaps, but the man can move. He gots a cannon for an arm-you can tell that even though he only thre short throws. Now we've had rocket arms in the past ie. Jay Shroeder but he's got touch on his passes unlike the latter named QB. His ball gets there in a hurry but he's got touch. He is also HUGE!!. Coming up to the line he is taller than some of the linemen-he's 6'6" and 250#s. He has good instict in the pocket. Once the pocket collapses he bounces around and takes off. Everyone was pissed off when he came out but shit, give McCown a break. He played his ass off. No interceptions, three touchdowns. WHAT. Is this the same QB we've had all season?

Man my new hero is HuggyBear. That man is a stud (HAHA)!! Another 100+ game. Damn I can't wait 'til next year!! Guess what, our defense also did not allow 100 yards rushing!! We got torched in the passing game but I think that we concentrated on stopping the run so much that we were left a little vulnerable. We are close people, alot closer to being good that I thought we would be at this point. I'm just hoping that these Arkansas rumors are just that because next year and the year after should be really good if we keep our coaching staff in tact. Hopefully the team keeps playing well. And PLEASE, whoever the QB is let's not be so quick to judge. We all want to see JRuss plaing but we have to support our guys, even Josh McCown. Gotta give the guy a chance. I have to admit everytime he dropped back I was nervous as hell but hopefully he keeps playing well or whoever starts next week!!

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Rodrigo said...

I read that the quarterbacks get all the blame when they lose and too much credit when they win in the NFL, and that the reason the Raiders played so well was they didn't play like the Raiders we know and hate (no penalties, no stupid mistakes, no sacks). Wow, the offensive line actually played really well for the 2nd week in a row.

It was an awesome game, and glad to have been there to share it with family and friends.