Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Misery......A slight glimmer of hope.

Okay so this has been another horrible season. It all started with the Davis/Kiffin feud in the off season and we have yet to recover. This last game was entertaining (I think since the NFL blackout rule prevented me from watching it on TV). Looks like Johnnie Lee Higgins is going to be a receiver/returner for us for some time. He's played pretty well this season besides the one return where he ran out on the 2 yard line. JaMarcus Russell seems to be coming along and is playing better as the season progressed. I think w/replacing Harris with Henderson at Left Tackle-Russell might get more protection and get some confidence to be able to step up and throw the damn ball. Also DMac is going to be a beast if he gets the ball more. We have a few key pieces we are just missing the glue (a coach and system) to pull and hold everything together. It's a shame it took 16 weeks for them to figure it out.

This coming off season is VERY important. A few things HAVE to happen. Al Davis HAS to realize that his time running the day to day operations of a football team has passed. As much as I believe Davis is The Raiders it really does pain me to see he has lost it and he needs help running OUR team. We need to get a GM. And lord please don't let it be Millen or Madden. Maybe Mike Holmgren or Mariucci? We need someone who can convince free agents to come here and that we are actually going to turn this ship around. Next we need a coach-with experience. Maybe Holmgren, Mariucci, Fassel or dare I say......"The Return of Chucky". Ok hear me out. He did not leave here like Kiffin and talk shit to everyone that would listen. He has had nothing but good things to say and together w/a GM he can turn this thing around. For this to happen though we would have to beat his Bucs and knock them out of the Play Offs in order to force Bucs ownership to fire his ass. The third thing that has to happen is Rob Ryan needs to get fired. Even if Davis has the final say in how we D-up, we need to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

Ok so Merry Christmas Raider fans and hopefully next season will be better. Here are a few clips of JLH.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ok I am fuckin' tired of this crap. It's becoming more and more apparent that there was some type of resignation letter given to coach Kiffin. What I don't understand is that everytime the Raiders coaching job becomes available, which is just about every year, Dennis Green's name comes up and he always says he is not interested. He said pretty much the same thing this time. Now James Lofton is coming in on Monday for some type of job interview-supposedly wide receivers coach. He has interviewed for the head job. So did Ryan......

How in the hell does Al Fuckin' Davis expect Kiffin to do a good job when he has to constantly look over his shoulder. If any of these other coaches were head coach material they would have been snatched up already. There were so many jobs available this year and to my knowledge no one considered Green, Ryan or Lofton. Not even for coordinator positions. Ryan could have left if he wanted to but he is still here. Al Davis has to quit playing mind games because at the rate he is going he is never going to find a damn coach who is RETARDED enough to want to come here. What's worse, this year the Raider Nation got behind this team. We sold out every game except for 2. And it wasn't because we were any good. It was because the fans saw hope for the future. We had a young coach with a vision, a young quarter back w/mobility and a rocket arm and it was plain to see this team was headed in the right direction.

Every other blog or article I have read which allows comments is pretty much the same-90% or more are pro Kiffin anti Davis. Is this guy so senile that he can't see he is going to lose his fan base if he continues on this path of destruction. That's what he is doing-he is destroying all our hope that we had for this team. I have been a die hard fan for just about all my 31 years, but this is getting ridiculous. After he ran Gruden out of town I cringed. When Gruden took a Tampa Bay team and destroyed the team that he built I cringed again, but I thought w/a little bit of retooling we would contend again. When Davis brought in Kerry Collins which pretty much caused the end of Gannons career I still stuck with my team with blind faith.

The last six seasons have been filled with bad decisions upon bad decisions. At some point Davis has to stop blaming the coaches and look at who the hell hired them. If they sucked so bad, what does that say about him? He can't pick a descent coach? He looks at Randy Moss and sees his 23 TDs and thinks "I knew he still had it> He should be doing that in Silver and Black." Well guess what? If that lame SOB was a Raider this year his stats would not be even close to what they are with the Patriots because the only quarterback who would have been able to get him the ball would have been in Louisiana because your senile ass wouln't pull the trigger on his contract. Then he would have said "I wanted to dump his ass but Kiffin insisted on keeping."

Honestly, I'm just tired of all this bullshit. I wish Davis would either step down, The NFL would strip him of his ownership and sell the team to the highest bidder (Kind of crazy but I heard Carmen policy, Steve Young and Brent Jones are looking for a team) or....Wait, here's an idea. how about hire a team president and a general manager and let them handle all aspects of the hiring, firing and other decision making since it's obvious that someone in a white jumpsuit and three hairs styled in a comb over can't get ir done anymore.

To think I was defending this chump on Friday morning. Kind of ironic I sent that email to everyone EARLY Friday, called my cousin harsh for bashing Davis then get an e-mail w/that ESPN report at the end of the day. Hopefully this has all been a dream (nightmare) and I wake up Monday morning and everything is just peachy in Raiderland. Who am I kidding!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Next year

Ok what will happen next season is a mystery but one thing is for sure. Coach Kiffin won't be the coach of Arkansas. Bobby Patrino, who Al Davis supposedly desperately tried to hire as the Raiders coach is taking that position. Wait you say "Isn't Bobby Patrino the coach of the Falcons?" Why yes he WAS. THat fool quit on them 13 games in to take the Arkansas job. I sure am glad he turned down our job. That shit must suck when your coach quits on you in the middle of a season. Must feel like "Shit we've been bustin' our ass and getting smoked this season for nothing." WTF. What a little biotch!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

packers game

That sucked. We go from our best game played in 3 years to one of the worst games we have played in that same span. No other comments from me. Sorry.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I hate the damn pats

All I got to say is I hate them motherfuckers!!!!! I believe the history of the NFL would have changed if that damn play in new england would have been called right. The Raiders were hot!! We would have gone on to beat the steelers and would have won the SB that year and the pats would not be what they are now. Sorry but that's the truth so now!! Last night fuckin' sucked. I don't know if the head coach is responsible for calling time outs but damn!! An assistant called the damn time out that cost the ravens the win. Guess who that assistant was............defensive coordinator Rex Ryan-yup Rob Ryans brother. The pats were saved three times on that drive. They also got a penalty on fourth down when brady threw an incomplete pass in the endzone and their damn receiver was juggling the ball before he got 2 feet down. I don't care who they play, I don't hate any other team more than I hate the damn patriots!! Anybody who plays them I hope they kick their ass. I'm hoping we get them on our schedule next year so we can beat their ass and Kirk Morrison or Huff can knock the hell out of randy moss!!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Ok so we were at the game yesterday and I gotta say, that was the best game I've been to and the best the Raiders have played in a lonnnnngggg time!! When we took pocession of the ball for the first time McCown was greeted w/boos. Then what does he do-he throws a touchdown pass to the BIG MAN-Tim Dwight!! Man just what the Dr. ordered. The place went nuts for a while-intil Denver scored. McCown kept playing well and making sound decisions-whic he has never done as a Raider.

We were seated on the away side. I thought I was seeing things. I look across the field and see #2 loosening up. I whispered-"He's warming up". Nobody had to ask who "He" was. The whole field started mumbling. Then he throws on his helmet and all hell breaks loose. The Colisseum went nuts. I haven't heard it that loud in there ever besides when they won their first playoff game in forever a few years ago.

JRuss looked good!! He looked a little nervous, mishandling a couple of snaps, but the man can move. He gots a cannon for an arm-you can tell that even though he only thre short throws. Now we've had rocket arms in the past ie. Jay Shroeder but he's got touch on his passes unlike the latter named QB. His ball gets there in a hurry but he's got touch. He is also HUGE!!. Coming up to the line he is taller than some of the linemen-he's 6'6" and 250#s. He has good instict in the pocket. Once the pocket collapses he bounces around and takes off. Everyone was pissed off when he came out but shit, give McCown a break. He played his ass off. No interceptions, three touchdowns. WHAT. Is this the same QB we've had all season?

Man my new hero is HuggyBear. That man is a stud (HAHA)!! Another 100+ game. Damn I can't wait 'til next year!! Guess what, our defense also did not allow 100 yards rushing!! We got torched in the passing game but I think that we concentrated on stopping the run so much that we were left a little vulnerable. We are close people, alot closer to being good that I thought we would be at this point. I'm just hoping that these Arkansas rumors are just that because next year and the year after should be really good if we keep our coaching staff in tact. Hopefully the team keeps playing well. And PLEASE, whoever the QB is let's not be so quick to judge. We all want to see JRuss plaing but we have to support our guys, even Josh McCown. Gotta give the guy a chance. I have to admit everytime he dropped back I was nervous as hell but hopefully he keeps playing well or whoever starts next week!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Curse is broken!!!

It's about damn time!! I thought we would never beat a division rival. I'm glad we punched herm edwards and the chiefs in the mouth in their home stadium. I can't believe they challenged that spot on the ball, lost the challenge and a time out then went for it on 4th and 1. Bringing back memories of when we used to stomp herm edwards when he was coaching the jets in the Gannon days!!

For all you doubters out there, Janikowski is a stud. That 55 yarder he hit would have been good from 65. The only field goal he has missed since his horrible start (which were all 50+ or long tries from the dirt) was a 64 yarder that damn near went in. Huggybear is also a stud. He's starting to remind me of Charlie Garner, quick to the whole and powerful even though he is not huge. I still think they should have let go of Rhodes and activated Bush to see what we have in him. I think Kiffin should sit down and talk w/Jordan and put it to him straight-Fargas should be the featured back and bring in Jordan in relief. Kind of like we used to use Wheatley and Garner.

I know that we played the chiefs and they are not all that great, but damn does it feel good to win!! Fargas looked good, Culpepper looked good, Jerry Porter was awesome-he took some wicked hits . Some stats:

Culpepper 15-22 for 170 yds
Fargas- 22 carries for 139 yds (6.32 yds/carry)
Porter- 3 receptions for 75 yds.
Janikowski- 2 field goals 25yds/55yds

Our run defense still looks like crap-this is the seventh game this season we have allowed a runner to gain over one hundred yards. Let's see our defense resurrects careers-ron dayne and also launches them w/allowing rookies to run for 100+. Something tells me this is not just personnel but is something that can be helped schematically!! I don't know, with this win we may not get to see J Russ next week. Why would Kiffin start Russell over Culpepper now w/another win under his belt. Would you bench the only QB to win you a game? Enjoy this Raider Nation-this is by far the best game that we have played in the last 2 seasons!! Hopefully we can manage a few more wins this season so we have something to look forward to next season!!