Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I hate the damn pats

All I got to say is I hate them motherfuckers!!!!! I believe the history of the NFL would have changed if that damn play in new england would have been called right. The Raiders were hot!! We would have gone on to beat the steelers and would have won the SB that year and the pats would not be what they are now. Sorry but that's the truth so now!! Last night fuckin' sucked. I don't know if the head coach is responsible for calling time outs but damn!! An assistant called the damn time out that cost the ravens the win. Guess who that assistant was............defensive coordinator Rex Ryan-yup Rob Ryans brother. The pats were saved three times on that drive. They also got a penalty on fourth down when brady threw an incomplete pass in the endzone and their damn receiver was juggling the ball before he got 2 feet down. I don't care who they play, I don't hate any other team more than I hate the damn patriots!! Anybody who plays them I hope they kick their ass. I'm hoping we get them on our schedule next year so we can beat their ass and Kirk Morrison or Huff can knock the hell out of randy moss!!


Rodrigo said...

It was pretty obvious the officials wanted the Patriots to win that game last night. It isn't just the snow-job either that we hate em, also they picked up Randy Moss who pissed off so many Raider fans when he was here and refused to try.

I hate how people automatically assume that just because tom brady is from the bay area you are supposed to like him.

Zay said...

Brady could kiss my ass. I can't stand that fool or their punk ass coach.