Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ok I am fuckin' tired of this crap. It's becoming more and more apparent that there was some type of resignation letter given to coach Kiffin. What I don't understand is that everytime the Raiders coaching job becomes available, which is just about every year, Dennis Green's name comes up and he always says he is not interested. He said pretty much the same thing this time. Now James Lofton is coming in on Monday for some type of job interview-supposedly wide receivers coach. He has interviewed for the head job. So did Ryan......

How in the hell does Al Fuckin' Davis expect Kiffin to do a good job when he has to constantly look over his shoulder. If any of these other coaches were head coach material they would have been snatched up already. There were so many jobs available this year and to my knowledge no one considered Green, Ryan or Lofton. Not even for coordinator positions. Ryan could have left if he wanted to but he is still here. Al Davis has to quit playing mind games because at the rate he is going he is never going to find a damn coach who is RETARDED enough to want to come here. What's worse, this year the Raider Nation got behind this team. We sold out every game except for 2. And it wasn't because we were any good. It was because the fans saw hope for the future. We had a young coach with a vision, a young quarter back w/mobility and a rocket arm and it was plain to see this team was headed in the right direction.

Every other blog or article I have read which allows comments is pretty much the same-90% or more are pro Kiffin anti Davis. Is this guy so senile that he can't see he is going to lose his fan base if he continues on this path of destruction. That's what he is doing-he is destroying all our hope that we had for this team. I have been a die hard fan for just about all my 31 years, but this is getting ridiculous. After he ran Gruden out of town I cringed. When Gruden took a Tampa Bay team and destroyed the team that he built I cringed again, but I thought w/a little bit of retooling we would contend again. When Davis brought in Kerry Collins which pretty much caused the end of Gannons career I still stuck with my team with blind faith.

The last six seasons have been filled with bad decisions upon bad decisions. At some point Davis has to stop blaming the coaches and look at who the hell hired them. If they sucked so bad, what does that say about him? He can't pick a descent coach? He looks at Randy Moss and sees his 23 TDs and thinks "I knew he still had it> He should be doing that in Silver and Black." Well guess what? If that lame SOB was a Raider this year his stats would not be even close to what they are with the Patriots because the only quarterback who would have been able to get him the ball would have been in Louisiana because your senile ass wouln't pull the trigger on his contract. Then he would have said "I wanted to dump his ass but Kiffin insisted on keeping."

Honestly, I'm just tired of all this bullshit. I wish Davis would either step down, The NFL would strip him of his ownership and sell the team to the highest bidder (Kind of crazy but I heard Carmen policy, Steve Young and Brent Jones are looking for a team) or....Wait, here's an idea. how about hire a team president and a general manager and let them handle all aspects of the hiring, firing and other decision making since it's obvious that someone in a white jumpsuit and three hairs styled in a comb over can't get ir done anymore.

To think I was defending this chump on Friday morning. Kind of ironic I sent that email to everyone EARLY Friday, called my cousin harsh for bashing Davis then get an e-mail w/that ESPN report at the end of the day. Hopefully this has all been a dream (nightmare) and I wake up Monday morning and everything is just peachy in Raiderland. Who am I kidding!!!

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Rodrigo said...

Nice to see the blog back to being updated Chep-Dog.

But that's the thing, Davis just wants control. It almost seems like winning doesn't matter as much to him as total control over the team. Hence why no coaches ever want to come to Oakland, just to be neutered. Davis wants to hire a coach one year, then pick his own players and win a superbowl even though it is obvious that he doesn't know shit anymore.